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Our mission is healthy light.

We create human and environment – friendly solutions: natural, comfortable to the eye, rendering genuine colours. We believe in timeless and universal aesthetics. We design lamps that are minimalist in their form, and which can complement both traditional and modern architecture. To draw up custom designs, we approach each interior from a fresh perspective.

Quality is at the core of our work. All of our products are manufactured in our own factory in Tarczyn, with the help of a team of lighting experts – technology and product engineers. For 20 years, we have completed a plethora of projects, and each of them represents how we understand the culture of light and the way light can be experienced in space. When considering the role of light in contemporary architecture, one cannot disregard the history of Bauhaus. The school, or rather a free, creative collective of architects, artists and artisans, is celebrating its centenary year.

Light was of the building blocks of architecture in Modernism. In those times, as a result of technological progress electric light became just as important building material as concrete or steel. Shaping the experience of space through artificial light in buildings was an entirely new challenge for Bauhaus architects and designers. Their avant-garde approach to materials and forms, combined with the consolidation of modernist standards in terms of aesthetics and form in the middle of the 20th century, became the foundation for contemporary design.

Today, when looking at Infinite numbers of light fixtures and lamps, it is easy to forget that today’s lighting culture has its roots in the school of Bauhaus and owe sit its shape.