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Unique light source

Elegant and minimalist lamps that combine the architectural geometry of the lampshade with the organic form of a heat sink. Its shape effectively dissipates heat, increasing the life of the LEDs. The LFO optics used guarantee the highest quality of light. Lamps are available as standalone products and in a decorative arrangement dedicated to larger spaces.


Classic, Set, Line

Equilibrium in space

Juicy shades are available in various combinations. Light, architectural linear systems are great for a multi - person dining tables. The same size of end elements creates a harmonious and balanced composition.

Conical light 

The three shapes of the juicy lampshades allow to shape different mood in the room. Higher, closed cone for more private situations, open and low one reveal the light source and open up the space. The collection includes single pendant lamps, triple pendant lamps in linear or circular arrangements, a tabletop lamp and a floor lamp.

Healthy light

Developed by scientists at the Bartenbach laboratory in Austria, with the participation of which ILUM has created a line of modern lighting fixtures - Juicy. Its greatest strength lies in what you can not see, because the light is emitted in a way that is invisible to the eye. In this innovative optics design, light is concentrated in a maximally small space, and then invisibly disperses in the room. Due to the low UGR index <19, the glare effect is reduced, and the highest lighting quality and full visual comfort are achieved.

Variety of arrangements

By choosing one of two ceiling rosettes and with a choice of different cable lengths, you can design your own of Juicy sources.


A wide range of STANDARD and PREMIUM colors.
The colors from the PREMIUM palette use the special features of 3D varnish.

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