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Creating with Light

The Kamerton family is an excellent tool for integrating the element of light with space.  Each lamp illuminates two opposing sides, providing optimal lighting for the entire room. Aluminum fixtures in various colors and sizes will give character to any space, whether it’s a small office or a spacious home. The collection is complemented by a wall sconce, which is dedicated to corridors and narrow spaces.

Inspiring addition

The wall sconce is an essential part of the family that allows you to fully utilize the available space. Light is emitted both upwards and downwards, providing both a decorative effect on the wall and functional floor lighting. The subtle shape of the fixture will make it a complementary element of the interior. It is perfect as lighting to highlight works of art or as an accent adding sophistication in corridor spaces or waiting rooms.

Kamerton also comes in a wall-mounted version with a swivel feature,
allowing you to gently rotate and direct the light.

A Design Tool

Thanks to a wide selection of sizes, colors, and light sources, the Kamerton family is an excellent solution for freely creating spaces with light. The product is suitable for both the contract market and residential use. The lamp will perfectly illuminate both the dining table and an open-plan office. With a range of customization options, users can adapt the lamp to their needs.


A wide range of Basic, Standard and Premium colors.
The colors from the Premium palette use the special features of 3D varnish.

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ILUM - Kamerton
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