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Sign in the space
Our lamp family is based on the shape of Ogi, the traditional, Japanese folding fan. The bold, geometric shape in solid color and surprisingly thin profile create an iconic, graphic signature - a calligraphic brush stroke in the air.



Light for every space

Ogi family provides complete solutions for various spaces. The generous and impactful pendants in three sizes, will iluminate living and dining rooms as well as restaurants and caffes, with tables of any size.




Touchless Control

When we design our lamps, we think about more than just what they are supposed to illuminate. We care about building the overall experience of light in a room. In addition to the main light source pointing downward, pendant lamps also have additional light beaming upward, illuminating the ceiling. Similarly, wall sconces - they shine on the wall, but also on the ground. The combination of the two effects results in a more balanced and welcoming environment in the room. In addition, the pendant lamps and the table lamp are equipped with the “ dim to warm” touchless light control function.


Looking at our own preferences, we noticed that in general we expect two functionalities from lighting: strong, bright, natural light for the activity time, and dimmed, soft and warm light for relaxation and recovery time. That’s why we introduced the “dim to warm” touchless light control function, which combines the function of dimming the light combined with the shift of its temperature. With a simple gesture, we can set the optimum light for the moment - from bright and cool, to dim and warm.

Light gradient

What is special about Ogi is the way it distributes light. The unique, curved shape enables the light to gradually and pleasantly open up. In the center, the light is strongest and most concentrated, iluminating clearly the area below it. Moving up the curve, towards the elevated ends of the lamp, the light is fading away, creating a pleasant, dimmed light around it.

Ceiling cup

The unique shape of the tool-free mounting box completes the overall unique design of OGI


A wide range of Basic, Standard and Premium colors.
The colors from the Premium palette use the special features of 3D varnish.

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