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There are spaces...,
that need a stellar accent, which only the Stellar wall fixture can provide. This amazing lamp will illuminate your walls with a peaceful, charming light. And the soft glow will surely put you in a romantic mood.



Magnetic simplicity
Stellar wall lamp is an intriquing object for the non-banal spaces. It provides subtle illumination in the evening, being a sculptural, decorative object during the day. Minimalistic and elegant form has a magnetic presence in the room.

The unusual eclipse

The luminous flux of Stellar is emitted evenly around the vertical plane of the luminair eoutside and inside, creating the effect, of the extraordinary eclipse.

The inside counts

The Stellar provides and intriguing glow from within the fixture as light r eflects off the inner surface, exposing the textur es and colors, of the material framed inside.


A rich palette of finishing variants, using both the noble features of oak, ash and walnut, as well as the special properties of 3D lacquers.

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