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The comfort of light and sound

VELO is a decorative light fixture that also serves as an acoustic sconce. The lamp housing is made of environmentally friendly EcoBoard material, which has a high sound absorption coefficient especially for medium and high frequencies.

The lamp is available in two shapes - round and oval 

The material consists of compressed polyester fibers, recovered in the process of recycling PET plastic bottles. It is resistant to mechanical damage and deformation. The material is friendly to the environment and human health. It is hypoallergenic, odorless, resistant to mold and does not emit toxic substances. Three variants of luminaire finish are available: smooth surface, radial grooving and vertical grooving.

Thanks to the multi-layer construction and the forward extension of the absorbing layer, sound is absorbed on both sides - once by direct sound, as well as by that reflected from the wall. The use of an acoustic tube helps reduce reverberation in the room and provides greater comfort.

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